How Can You Help

Similar to Johnny Appleseed, we are determined to spread the Little WORLD from its six current locations to sixty. Our libraries, hospitals, retirement homes, schools… in Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Cary, across the Triangle. Little WORLD Charity is solely dependent on people like you and us who are passionate about our responsibility and our capability to heal and nurture the people in our communities. Every donation, large or small, will be used 100% to build and deploy new villages. We have no paid staff. and we'll stretch your donation to do the utmost good. Little WORLD Charity is an IRS approved 501c3 charity which means your donation is tax deductible.

The following are the ways you can help the Little WORLD Charity:

- Click on the "Donate" button below:

- Mail a check to:
Little WORLD Charity
10 Streamley Court, Durham, NC 27705

- If you have cartoon character, super hero, or other figurines (approximately two to five inches), or Lemax or Department 56 products, we can use them! Please mail them to us; or for large product donations email us at and we can arrange to pick them up from you.

- Finally, we work out of a home garage and we need space to expand. Perhaps you own or know of an underutilized building that can donate space to the charity for a year.