Welcome to The Little WORLD

Wholesome, Unique and Loved by All

Technology spins us faster and faster such that sitting down for a family meal without iPhones seems a thing of the past. Perhaps this is why Little WORLD is LOVED by practically everyone who walks up and presses the start button. The displays have a unique, old-fashioned, arcade-like nature, and dazzling detail such as moving carnival rides, flying ghosts or Santa, and hundreds of figurines including beloved cartoon favorites from all generations (from Popeye to Doc McStuffins). Our worlds are an oasis from worries and stress that bring simple, unbridled happiness to everyone. One goal is to deliver this to people in hospitals and senior centers, our most needy and immobile loved ones. We also serve as a magnet drawing families to our libraries, which, more than ever, play a vital role as community centers that turn children into life long readers; kids who stay out of trouble and become citizens who strengthen our communities.

Some of Our Displays:

  • NC State Fair
  • Scary Fair
  • Valley of the Kings
  • Caribbean Pirates
  • Wild West Ghost Town
  • Trick or Treat Village
  • North Pole
  • Cartoon Holiday
  • Dicken's Christmas Carol
  • It's A Wonderful Life
  • Vampire Estates
  • Spooky City
  • Wizard of Oz
  • Outer Space

Building the Little Worlds

The custom-designed cases and platforms are made by Kaye and Sons Woodworks of Wake Forest. Each case is solid oak and locks down on a solid wooden base. Sturdy plexiglass is inserted in the front and in sides for viewing from several angles.

The display inside each case is custom made and centers around a theme, such as the winter holidays, Halloween, the state fair, or a notable place and time like Caribbean Pirates. Each display has several mechanical pieces such as ferris wheels, carousels, rocking pirate ships, mummies rising, or Santa flying his sled in the night air. The landscape, streets and stairs are carved from styrofoam which is overlaid with materials such as paint, glue, sand, cat litter, and shrubs. Many of the trees are real sage brush clippings.

Each village has dozens of figurines that include all kinds of people or beloved cartoon characters from several generations, such as Popeye, Mickey and Minnie, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, the Smurfs, the Toy Story gang, and Doc Mcstuffins. Our aim is to connect with and bond all generations, such that a child and a grandparent can laugh and share memories and stories of all these lovable characters. Our displays are always non-controversial.

A display case can be set up or removed in minutes. Each display has a start button that turns on the lights and mechanical pieces for about thirty seconds. The displays are totally turn key (they require no overseeing or maintenance from the staff where installed).