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"The patients and their families LOVE watching the lights and action, as well as looking for the little characters of the biggest hits we have had in the lobby."
-Duke Children's Hospital

"Absolutely wonderful; I love them and the parents/kids love them."
-Durham Public Library Children's Manager

"I have seen Little WORLD grow over the years from a beloved Halloween attraction in my neighborhood to a gift of love and joy to our city. That is why I support this charity as a board member."
-Alan DeLisle, Former Assistant City Manager of Durham

Brightening lives in the Triangle

Little WORLD Charity's Basic Beliefs

What is the most important gift one can give?

Who needs it?
Children, the elderly, those dealing with illness, and everyone in our community

Where can we touch the most hearts?
At our hospitals, libraries, retirement homes, and other public venues.

Those beliefs drive the Little WORLD, a 501c3 charity (donations are tax deductible) with the sole mission of brightening lives in our North Carolina Triangle. The "worlds" are custom made, whimsical, mechanical displays, that can currently be seen at Duke Children's Hospital, the Durham Main Library and each of Durham's four Regional Libraries. The charity receives no compensation from these great institutions. We are spiritual but unaffiliated with any religion or any other organization or cause.

There is so much more to do; we need fresh displays at our current locations, and for each current venue there are ten more children's, cancer, or veterans hospitals, centers for the elderly, libraries and schools. So we are asking for your help. We have no paid staff and every tax deductibe dollar or used toy donation goes to helping others.

Here's a proposal... Explore a bit further and perhaps you'll want to help us. No dollar donation is too small and you can also donate used cartoon figurines or Lemax or Dept. 56 products. We also welcome your email comments and ideas at